CONRAM is a hobby company that since 1994 has worked on a large number of different projects in IT and the web.

In the period 2000-2006, I was my own business and devoted almost all my time to supporting a customer that sold work environment systems written in Java throughout the Nordic region.

Entering 2007 I started working at Mercedes-Benz HQ in Sweden. Actively building up a working HelpDesk over the span of a few years, upgrading it to a full fledged ServiceDesk with greater focus on ITIL and Service Management, and leading it through several challenges, GDPR not being the smallest among them. In 2019 Service & Support was outsourced and I worked first as Field Engineer and later with PKW Technical issues until I had to leave for new adventures in early 2021.


A common denominator for many of my projects is that they start as my own idea and then spread to an international community of interested people who help in many different ways. Examples of this are game-related things I have done on the web where I have both actively participated in support and troubleshooting of certain game titles and had a prominent role within certain networks and their community and forums.

Some projects have now been live for almost 20 years.

In recent years, I have created Conram IT, which is more dedicated to investigating and testing solutions in server, security and hosting at different levels, which I experiment on in my home lab and on the Web host and are domains owned by me and make platforms for different types of project work.

Contact: Rikard Malmborg,


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